Herb Essntls Vape Pen Sativa

All-day Vape - No Munchies

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Combining HHC with CBD creates a relaxing experience without common THC or HHC side effects like anxiety or drowsiness. Fortified with a dash of THC-V for appetite suppression, this all-day vape gives you a mellow sativa-infused heady high without side effects or munchies. 

Draw-activated disposable vape pen made from HempZyme for a significantly lower environmental impact. Rechargeable (Micro-USB, not included) means that no oil goes to waste.

The unique Vortex mouthpiece lengthens the airway passage which cools the vapor and allows it to mix with more air for a more pleasurable experience with no oil splutter.

Federally compliant, less than 0.3% Delta-9THC. Must be 21+ years of age to purchase.

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Modern cannabis can be a pretty overwhelming experience. Many report side effects of anxiety or drowsiness for example. But when it's good, it's great - and we have figured out the difference.

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