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TBD Infused Candy High 10:20 StrawberryTBD Infused Candy High 10:20 Strawberry
TBD Infused Candy Mellow 4:25 StrawberryTBD Infused Candy Mellow 4:25 Strawberry
TBD Dispenser Box 10:20 StrawberryTBD Dispenser Box 10:20 Strawberry
TBD Dispenser Box 4:25 StrawberryTBD Dispenser Box 4:25 Strawberry
Jamaican Strawberries 25:25Jamaican Strawberries 25:25
Jamaican Strawberries Dispenser Box 25:25Jamaican Strawberries Dispenser Box 25:25

Studio TBD is based in NYC


You can read more about our products and the philosophy behind them. Our goal is to design and bring you pleasurable experiences that are good for you and the planet alike.

A better high

Modern cannabis can be a pretty overwhelming experience. Many report side effects of anxiety or drowsiness for example. But when it's good, it's great - and we have figured out the difference.


Weekly updates on the NYC dance scene combined with deep dives in the history of disco, house and "music-first" parties. Join us in the night and stay Mellow or High on the dancefloor.


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