Studio TBD Membership NFT

Studio TBD Membership NFT

All holders of the Studio TBD Membership NFT are automagically eligible for a 50% discount on all products, forever.

This is however just the beginning. We have a lot of inspiring plans for the Membership NFT and we are working on a description of the ecosystem that will reveal some of these. Coming this summer.

The membership will be constantly evolving, but we are no fans of elaborate roadmaps, so we will reveal each development as it's in production.

To start, we promise a lifetime of 50% off on all Studio TBD products sold in our channels, starting with this online store. To receive the discount, connect your web3 wallet using the "Wallet Connect" pop-up on your bottom left.

Once activated the discount will be applied at checkout.

Mint it

The Membership NFT is a ERC-1155 token standard, on the Ethereum blockchain. You can mint the NFT using our mint site here.

To mint the token you need a Metamask wallet. The mint currency is ETH (the native currency to the Ethereum blockchain).

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