Wet Hot New York Summer

Wet Hot New York Summer

How To Party In Heat

Every week we will share with you where the best "Music-First" dance parties will be held across New York City. 

Has anyone else noticed how hot it is outside? That’s a rhetorical question, if you’re in New York right now you have DEFINITELY noticed how hot it is outside. Every time you leave the house you get drenched with sweat the second you open your front door. This humidity is no joke.
The dance floor has also been getting hotter, and it’s not just because of the heat the DJ played on Saturday night. It doesn’t matter how hard that AC is pumping inside, the sheer amount of bodies in the club makes it hard for the air to circulate and keep partygoers cool. So this week we thought we’d tell you our top tips for keeping cool while you party your way through July and August.


  1. Hydrate - If you’re sweating a lot and drinking alcohol, this one is super important. Most clubs and bars in NYC have free water stations so we recommend grabbing a glass between every other beverage.
  2. Hand fans - Whether you go with the classic option of an old school hand fan or the 21st century option of a USB rechargeable fan, these are an invaluable accessory in the summertime. While you’re cooling yourself off be sure to send some air to your neighbors too. 
  3. Wear the least amount of clothes possible - This one is pretty self explanatory but it comes with a note - if you’re a guy and you decide to take your shirt off please be wary not to bump into the people around you. No one likes to feel someone else’s sweat on their skin.
  4. Sun protection - This tip is for all the outdoor party goers - The New York sun can be pretty harsh so packing sunscreen and a hat will go a long way to keep your energy up at the open airs.

NYC Nightlife 7/7-7/9

7.7 - XOXA & Friends with Heidy P and Kels at NO BAR

The XOXA crew have spent the past five years bringing the queer sounds of the underground to clubs all over the city. This Friday their resident DJ Heidy P is taking over NO BAR on the Lower East Side with her fellow disco diva Kels. Both these women are fairly new to New York (Heidy P is originally from Montreal while Kels is a Detroit native) but their short time on the scene here has been very impactful - from throwing secret loft parties to playing closing sets at major clubs. These two women are ones to watch.

7.7 - Cut Copy DJ set at Elsewhere

Cut Copy is switching the big stage for a small booth this weekend when the Australian synth pop band does a DJ set at Elsewhere. The Grammy-nominated group has spent more than 20 years at the intersection of rock and dance music, exploring the combination of dub, Afrobeat, cosmic, disco, acid, AOR, and frantic guitars. Their DJ sets sound much the same, a giant mash up of sounds that is made for peak-time dancefloor hedonism.

7.8 - The Carry Nation at Good Room

A party rooted in the excitement of New York’s underground dance music historyThe Carry Nation is probably the most fun gay party you can go to in Brooklyn right now. It’s hosted by DJs Nita Aviance and Will Automagic at Good Room with different guests at every party. This might include headliners out of from queer hubs like Berlin, London or San Francisco, or up and coming local talent. This Saturday’s party will be house and techno heavy with sets from Lady BlacktronikaJADALAREIGNKIAJustin Cudmore, Will Automagic and S’aint Panic.

7.9 - Rick Wade & Patrice Scott at Public Records

Two of Detroit’s most innovative and dynamic club DJs, Rick Wade & Patrice Scott, are taking over The Nursery at Public Records this Sunday to celebrate the sounds of the Motor City. The pair have spent decades in the game, released countless classic records and DJed at some of the best venues around the world. Local diggers Shawn Dub and Jenifa Mayanja will be joining them for an afternoon of deep cuts, atmospheric house, and funk and soul.

Follow the links for mixes and playlists from the DJs and Musical Hosts who will be playing at these venues.
Stay Mellow and High friends - don't forget to have fun.

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