Oh New Year’s Eve, it could be the best night of your life or the worst night of the year. Are you going to find the perfect stranger to make out with at midnight or is someone going to throw up on your shoe? 

You never know what awaits you on the biggest party night of the year. And when we say big, New York goes really big for NYE with two venues holding 24+ hour parties and countless internationals headlining dancefloors all over the city. 

The options are endless but luckily you have us, your trusty TBD guide on where to party. We have decided to focus on smaller venues with local talent as our top picks. For those who want to go big to bring in 2024, we’ve got some of those parties listed as honorable mentions at the end. 

No matter where you go or what you do, don’t forget to wear comfy shoes and hydrate. We’ll see you on the other side.

Top picks…

Bring Dat Ass New Year’s Eve with Toribio at Black Flamingo

Party Papi Toribio always knows how to pull on the heartstrings when it comes to his song selections, so when he drops the midnight song at Black Flamingo this New Year’s Eve, we know it’s going to hit, and hit hard! We’re sure it will be one of many bangers Toribio has up his sleeve at the Bring Dat Ass party where he’ll be playing from start to finish. His brand of house music is highly musical, soulful and, ultimately, makes you want to come together and move.  

Italomatic & Felipe from BK at Milagrosa

If you want to feel all your feelings this New Year’s Eve then Milagrosa has the party for you. Italomatic will be taking over the speakeasy’s audiophile system with party residents Andi, Facets, and Rok One playing their favorite rare and moody italo, freestyle, new wave, synth, `80s, and weirdo electronic records. They will be joined behind the decks by Milagrosa’s own Felipe from BK.

New Year’s Eve with Planet B, Very J, and For Future’s Sake at Jupiter Disco

If you’re looking for the kind of party where your head is about to explode from the deep cuts you’re hearing over the soundsystem, then Jupiter Disco has the party for you.. Three of New York’s best underground, heavy hitting diggers are stepping into the booth this New Year’s Eve with sets from Planet B (Grand Street Sounds), Very J (Duty Free Records), and For Future’s Sake (A1 Records). Have your Shazam ready.



Honorable mentions…

Good Room NYE - Soul Clap, Lovie, Justin Strauss & Billy Caldwell

Battle Hymn NYE - Dee Diggs, Kevin Aviance, Kilopatrah Jones + more

Resolute NYE / NYD - Chez Demier b2b Ron Trent plus 30+ more DJs over 30 hours

Elsewhere NYE - The Blessed Madonna, DJ Boring, JADALAREIGN

718 Sessions NYD - Danny Krivit and Hex Hector at Good Room

Wrecked x The Carry Nation NYD with guests DJ Minx and Shaun J. Wright at Knockdown Center



Follow the links for mixes and playlists from the DJs and Musical Hosts who will be playing at these venues.

Stay Mellow and High friends - don't forget to have fun.

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