Disco Summer Camp - This Weekend

Disco Summer Camp - This Weekend

Disco Summer Camp 2023 Labor Day Weekend

Every week we will share with you where the best "Music-First" dance parties will be held across New York City. 
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It’s the last weekend of the New York summer season - queue the tiny violins and sad emojis. We hope our weekly guide has helped you make the most of these long days and hot nights on the dancefloor. But before we bid adieu to the sweaty season, the party gods have presented a four day affair over Labor Day Weekend that will help keep your party fire burning until Memorial Day.


NYC Nightlife Labor Day Weekend

9.1 - 9.4 - Disco Summer Camp at Glen Falls House

Glen Falls House has become a mythical place for people who love to party. The hotel in the Catskills hosted its first Weekender with the FIXED crew in 2019 and it’s since grown into a yearly series (excluding the pandemic, of course). The Weekenders are curated by Good Room as part of their Summer of Joy season and 2023 has featured 10 parties by Brooklyn crews like Earth Beat, Love Injection x Coloring Lessons, FIXED, and Pleasure Jams

The hotel has become affectionately known as ‘the little club house in the woods’. Spending three days dancing there amongst nature gives you true freedom to let your musical freak out. Every weekend is like choose your own adventure; you can chill by the pool or you can hike to the waterfall, you can party in the Tavern or you can sit by the campfire. As long as you are respectful to the space and respectful to others, the hotel’s 47 acres are all yours.

Our friends Love Games and Chomp Chomp Records are closing out the Summer of Joy season with their annual Disco Summer Camp Weekender. They’re taking Brooklyn’s best disco DJs with them for four days of pool parties by day and raves in the Tavern by night with the line up including Angelique, Chittom, Douglas Sherman, Heidy PFinn JonesLauren MuradaParty DadPlanet BSoosTakaya NagaseTimo Lee, Uncle Rudy, and Yurk.

Some highlights of the weekend include;

  • Soos, who is traveling all the way from Mexico City to be part of the festivities. He will be doing a late night set in the Tavern on Friday and a poolside set on Saturday.
  • Disco Aqua Aerobics hosted by Lauren Murada in the pool on Saturday, which is exactly what it sounds like.
  • JOY’s Douglas Sherman and Takaya Nagase doing a rare extended set together in the Tavern on Sunday night.
  • Open decks on Monday where some lesser known DJs will be sharing tunes by the pool.
  • TBD drinks at the pool bar all weekend.

All the festivities are free to join. For all the details click here

Follow the links for mixes and playlists from the DJs and Musical Hosts who will be playing at these venues.
Stay Mellow and High friends - don't forget to have fun.

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