A French Icon in New York

A French Icon in New York

Alan Braxe has never courted the spotlight. The French producer and DJ is behind one of the biggest house tracks of all time — “Music Sounds Better With You, as Stardust (with Benjamin Diamond and Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter) — as well as other canonic French touch tracks including “Intro”, and Step by Step, a 2022 EP with his cousin, DJ Falcon. He also put out some of the best remixes of the ‘00s for acts including Kelis, Goldfrapp, and Death From Above 1979. Much of the praise for French touch has been directed at Daft Punk, and not without reason, but consider Braxe the unsung hero of the genre. In their just-released album, Hyperdrama, French superstars Justice even devoted an entire track to Braxe called “Dear Alan.” On Saturday night Braxe, who tours rarely, is making a special appearance at Le Bain. Don’t miss the chance to hear “Music Sounds Better With You” played by one of its makers.


20 Years of Mule Musiq at Good Room

Japanese promoter and nu-disco enthusiast Toshiya Kawasaki has enjoyed some seminal moments throughout his career. He was one of the first promoters to bring the Kompakt sound to Japan, and released DJ Sprinkles’ opus Midtown 120 Blues on his Mule Musiq label. This year, Mule is turning 20, and Kawasaki is celebrating this weekend with a party at Good Room featuring performances by himself, Kuniyuki (live), Jacques Renault and Soos.


Focus: Ballroom at Nowadays

Get down to the freaky, nasty sounds of ballroom house at this special night at Nowadays. Purveyors of the genre including Byrell the Great, Kevin Aviance, Butch-ish and Cosmo will be honouring the city’s queer clubbing community with a masterclass in serving dancefloor c*nt. Werk it, own it. 


Alan Braxe at Le Bain

Le Bain is the perfect place to come see an icon of French touch work his dancefloor magic. The legendary Alan Braxe is taking over the decks on Saturday night, joined by fellow French native Orson and DJ Erewhon, aka Bowen Goh, co-owner of beloved Bushwick venue Mood Ring. The disco ball, bathtub and killer view of the Manhattan skyline await you.

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