Winter Time Is Party Time

Winter Time Is Party Time

In the past week the city has been hit with snow, wind and rain storms, and while that might stop most people from going out, I guess New Yorkers are just a different breed. I attended Synthicide’s 10 Year Anniversary party at Good Room last Saturday night where people stood outside in the rain, with slush on the ground, for hours to get in.

I know we talk a lot about how the party never stops in New York but I firmly believe that the parties only get better in the winter. Unlike the summer where you’re going to a different rooftop bar or party every night of the week, when it comes to the winter, everyone's lack of vitamin D levels makes them stay in most school nights. But when the weekend comes, everyone is ready to rage. 

There are so many top tier parties happening again this weekend. Thankfully the weather report is looking a little better but it doesn’t hurt to add an umbrella to your raver kit for the colder months. 

Love Games with François K at Good Room

François K is a disco and house pioneer. He’s a mix master whose work with artists like Dinosaur L, D-Train, Musique, Wham, Kraftwerk, and Depeche Mode have been staples in DJs’ record bags for decades. He got his start in the 1970s mixing tracks for the pivotal Prelude Records before he started DJing at legendary venues like Paradise Garage, Studio 54, The Loft, Zanzibar, Vinyl, Twilo, and The Sound Factory Bar. His own parties Body & Soul and Deep Space became equally as legendary in the 90s and 2000s. François celebrated his 70th Birthday this week and Love Games has given him another chance to celebrate this Thursday night at Good Room. 

Mister Saturday Night Nonstop at Nowadays

As far as parties go, this one is pretty insane, in the best possible way. This weekend’s Mister Saturday Night Nonstop starts rightfully so on Saturday night and goes into the wee hours of Monday morning. Curated by Mister Saturday Night’s Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin for their party’s 15th Anniversary, the lineup includes heroes who inspired them to start their own, Optimo and Danny Krivit, artists they’ve worked with for years, Analog Soul and Duane Harriott, an artist whose destroyed Nowadays on several occasions, Avalon Emerson, and a longtime attendee of the parties, Rose Kourts. Eamon and Justin will, of course, be jumping in the mix. Stamina is key but Nowadays does allow pass outs so you can nap between your favorite DJs.

Kim Anh at Gabriela

Kim Anh has become synonymous with the emotive and liberating sounds of classic house and disco. She has been a part of New York and LA’s underground dance music and queer communities for well over a decade as a DJ, producer, and songwriter. So far, her productions have been housed on a slew of acclaimed labels including Deejay Gigolo Records, Robert Johnson Live, EMI and her own Can U Not Talk imprint. She will be bringing her Big Diva Energy to Gabriela this Saturday for an all night set.


Follow the links for mixes and playlists from the DJs and Musical Hosts who will be playing at these venues.

Stay Mellow and High friends - don't forget to have fun.

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