Welcome To Ridgewood

Welcome To Ridgewood

For many years, Nowadays has been at the center of the Ridgewood scene, but there is one venue we’re starting to pay more attention to. H0L0 has been around since 2017 but whoever is doing their bookings these days is gaining the attention of NYC house heads.

H0L0 is a basement club that started as a DIY performance venue. As it evolved over time, they built out a backyard for day parties in the summertime, renovated the downstairs area for a bigger dancefloor, and installed a much better soundsystem. They also set up the DJ booth in the middle of the room so the party is happening around the DJs, which is a pretty fun touch.

During COVID the club brought in Brooklyn promoter Resolute as a partner and the bookings have been more club focused since. However, it hasn’t been until the past six months that they’ve really piqued our interest.H0L0 has had had guests like Dimitri From Paris (on a Wednesday night, no less), Ben UFO, Juan Atkins, Julia Govor, Jacques Greene, UMFANG, Anthony Parasole, and Analog Soul. It’s also now the home of Francois K’s Deep Space party, Toribio’s BDA party, Musclecars x Love Injection x Toribio collab, and all the Resolute parties.

This weekend they’re bringing in the former JOY DJs, Douglas Sherman, Takaya Nagase, and Yuji Kawasaki for their new party, OneOneOne. These three musical selectors are some of the best in the city so this is one for their best bookings yet.

3.9 - Bêvèrãgęš at Ridgewood Loft

Not sure what’ll be better, the tunes flowing out of the klipschorn soundsystem or the natural wine flowing all night long at Saturday’s Bêvèrãgęš party. Well, there’s only one way to find out. Brooklyn’s premier party for full-bodied affairs is taking over a very special loft in Ridgewood for their first party of 2024. Seedy J, Brian Vino, and Pibo Grigio will be soundtracking the day-to-night party with balearic beats bubblier than a white wine spritzer. The tickets are on the expensive side but includes all the organic wine you can drink and all the pizza you can eat.

3.9 - Infinity Machine at Public Records

Infinity Machine uses the soulful lull of a flute, the timelessness of  the piano, the soft beat of ahand drum, or the droning whirr of a synth to explore to take listeners to another world. The collaborative project by seasoned musicians Juan MacLean and Gee Dee merges psychedelic ceremony with the arena of electronic music. You can take a trip into this other world this Saturday when they host a psychedelic dance ceremony at Public Records to celebrate the release of their cassette series on DFA Records.

3.9 - OneOneOne with Douglas Sherman, Takaya Nagase, Yuji Kawasaki at H0L0

We talk a lot about sonic journeys in this newsletter but there aren’t many DJs out there who do it quite like Douglas Sherman, Takaya Nagase, and Yuji Kawasaki. They bonded over their love of music at legendary party, The Loft, and went on to start their own party inspired by it, JOY. After pursuing their own solo projects, they are now reuniting as OneOneOne at H0L0 this Saturday. Expect a night of timeless dancefloor classics, new cutting-edge selections, and grooves that make the dancefloor move as one.


Follow the links for mixes and playlists from the DJs and Musical Hosts who will be playing at these venues.

Stay Mellow and High friends - don't forget to have fun.

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