Love Saves The Day

Love Saves The Day

Many people believe that Valentine’s Day was a holiday created by the candy companies to increase their profits. Others believe in the same idea but created by the greeting card companies. Some believe it was created to make single people feel sad. There are so many theories behind the holiday but the history behind it is so much more interesting.  

Now there are a few different legends behind it but our favorite has to be that Valentine’s Day originated from the ancient Pagen festival of Lupercalia, a raucous, wine-fueled fertility rite in which Roman men and women paired off to repopulate. This was a day that everyone saved their wine so they could get drunk and get down.

Now we know you’re reading this after Valentine’s Day, and if you’re in a couple you might’ve gone out for a romantic dinner or done something special with your significant other, but this week's party listings are dedicated to all the single people out there. There are so many great parties happening in NYC this weekend, now is the time to go out, get drunk, dance, and who knows, maybe you’ll get down.

2.15 - A Joyful Noise with Eddie C at Public Records

Over the past 15 years, Eddie C’s 55+ singles, EPs and remixes have made him one of the heaviest hitters in the slo-mo / edits / disco world. Every track is a journey into the unknown, pulling sounds of the leftfield with oddball accents to make your body move in ways you didn’t know it could. His newest release, We Live In The Hills, was produced with Max Essa and is coming out on Brooklyn label Razor-N-Tape. To celebrate, RNT have invited the Canadian producer to DJ at their quarterly party, A Joyful Noise, on Thursday night. Eddie’s DJ sets are just as eclectic as his productions and have garnered him a cult following worldwide, so this one is not to be missed.


2.16-2.17 - Glitterbox Takeover at House of Yes

Glitterbox is a party where you throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care. The iconic Ibiza-based party and record label aims to move mind, body, and soul with a range of disco and house DJs from around the world. This weekend they’re bringing the party to Brooklyn, taking over House of Yes with a HUGE line up; Crystal Waters, Heidi Lawden, Zach Witness, and Sunny Cheeba on Friday, and Riva Starr, Rimarkable, JKriv, and Rich Medina on Saturday.


2.17 - Dope Jams’ Valentine’s Ball at Public Records

Valentine’s Day is a very special date on the Dope Jams calendar. Every year people behind the legendary record shop host a ball for their extended family of house music miscreants. Over the years the Ball has been hosted at Good Room, in their Catskills shop, Preserved Instincts, and, for the past couple of years, at Public Records. This Saturday, Dope Jams’ resident DJ Paul Nickerson will be guiding dancers through a night of inclusive dance music esotericism while dwelling on love with a room full of strangers. While you’re there, we recommend checking out Canadian duo, Pender Street Steppers, who will be taking over PR’s Atrium for the night.



Follow the links for mixes and playlists from the DJs and Musical Hosts who will be playing at these venues.

Stay Mellow and High friends - don't forget to have fun.

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