Fall is here. Let's party.

Fall is here. Let's party.

From Rooftops to Warehouses. 

Every week we will share with you where the best "Music-First" dance parties will be held across New York City. 
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Have you ever seen the season change on the exact day it was meant to change? It was like clockwork - last Saturday marked the first day of fall, and the weather in NYC followed suit with three cold, rainy days.

Gone are the day parties, boat parties, and rooftop parties until Memorial Day. Welcome to the season of warehouse parties. Longer nights mean longer parties and this weekend we’ve got two parties going for more than nine hours. So drink lots of caffeine, bring change for coat check and get ready to rave.  

NYC Nightlife 9/30-10/1

9.30 - Golden Record NYC with Marcellus Pittman and Mood II Swing at Secret Warehouse

Two titans of house music are coming together this Saturday night for the Golden Record NYC party. Marcellus Pittman is a pillar of the Detroit scene whose raw, soul-infused style has landed him on dancefloors all over the world. Mood II Swing personifies the New York/New Jersey sound of the 90s infused with euphoric gospel and percussive grooves. Together, in a secret warehouse, this is a party for the heads. While you’re there, we also recommend checking out local legends Jacky Sommer (Analog Soul) and Donny Burlin.

9.30 - Love Injection x Musclecars x Toribio at H0L0

It’s a family affair at H0L0 this Saturday night when Love Injectionmusclecars, and Toribio come together for a 10 hour party. These three groups represent the new guard of New York house artists whose goal is to bring the city's dance music scene back to what it was during the golden era of NY nightlife. Expect a night of soulful house, joyful disco, and funky jazz that will get your step count up over 10,000 real quick.

10.1 - Move D at Public Records

Move D has spent the past 30+ years pushing the boundaries of electronic music. His lifelong obsession started as a child, influenced by his two grandmas who were concert pianists, seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey and listening to Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk. The result is 17 albums and 51 singles and EPs exploring the deepest caverns of house, reverberating techno and dreamy ambient for a sound that may actually take you to the moon. Prepare for an intergalactic journey when Move D plays at Public Records this Sunday.

Follow the links for mixes and playlists from the DJs and Musical Hosts who will be playing at these venues.
Stay Mellow and High friends - don't forget to have fun.

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