Dance Your Way To The Universe

Dance Your Way To The Universe

Transcendent DJs in NYC

Every week we will share with you where the best "Music-First" dance parties will be held across New York City. 
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There’s a lot of talk in this week’s listings about DJs creating a higher state of consciousness for dancers. While most people go out as a way to let off some steam or have fun with their friends, there are certain dancefloors that facilitate a different type of partying. We’re not talking about one club in particular but rather the DJ who is creating an environment for transcendence. 

Reaching transcendence through dancing is a real and known shamanic phenomenon. Transcendence can be reached through various means; fasting, psychedelic drugs, exhaustion, solitude, and the most fun way - through dancing.

While this may all sound a bit woo woo, there are two masters of the art of DJing who are playing in NYC this weekend who we recommend seeing to experience it for yourself.


NYC Nightlife 10/13-10/14


10.13 - Cómeme Takeover at Good Room

Cómeme has always been a label dedicated to the weirdos. With German and Chilean roots, it’s been a home for DJs and producers who don’t fit into your standard dance music genres. It prides itself on diversity, musical insurgency, and freedom for its artists. They’re bringing that freedom to Good Room this Friday night where label head Matias Aguayo and label manager Paurro will be playing all night long. Expect a night dedicated to the dark side of the disco ball with selections along the lines of leftfield disco, ecstatic house, experimental techno, and anything and everything else.

10.13 - The Golden Record NYC with Fred P at Jolene

For Fred P, the dancefloor is not just a place for enjoyment, but for potential. The New York-turned-Berlin resident learned to create dancefloors that are cathartic, physical and spiritual from watching revolutionaries like Frankie Knuckles, David Morales and Danny Tenaglia back in the `90s. Through decades of his own exploration of house and techno music, he understands to create moments under the disco ball for party goers. It’s almost like a collective consciousness, where everyone loses their shit to a track at the same time. This is a feeling that can’t be beat so we recommend seeing Fred P at Jolene this Friday. 

10.14 - Party Line with Traxx at a secret warehouse location

Traxx has been a house music obsessive since seeing Ron Hardy play at the Music Box in the `80s. He described his experience on the dancefloor as "a feeling, an emotion, a mental state of transcendental connection - a spiritual force with the higher being through the physical vessel of the body", in his biography. Ever since, Traxx has dedicated his career to enveloping listeners in the same way. The Chicagoan is not just a DJ or producer but is a self-described ‘artist of sound’. He creates a sound that is distinctive and highly emotional from eclectic and avant-garde tunes to old school jack tracks and far beyond. Over his 20+ year career Traxx has become a legend himself and you don’t want to miss this legend when he plays at Party Line this Saturday.

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Stay Mellow and High friends - don't forget to have fun.

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