Avoid Amateur Hour on Halloween

Avoid Amateur Hour on Halloween

Halloween for Party Professionals

Let’s be real, Halloween can be one of the most amateur hour nights of the year. For normies, they plan this night out for months; the costume, the party, the pregame, everything. For a lot of them though, they don’t quite have the stamina to party as hard as they think they can. It’s not an uncommon sight to see people passed out on couches, vomiting in the bathroom, or urinating outside the club on Halloween weekend. 


Now we don’t mean to scare you (Halloween should already be scary enough) so we’ve put together a list of the best, music first parties to avoid the normies this weekend. All four parties we’ve listed this week feature internationally-renowned DJs playing the spookiest, most spine-tingling house, disco and italo. Each party will be a night of joyful debauchery where dancers can shed their everyday costume and let their inner freak out, forget about the real world for a night and get lost on a hedonistic dancefloor. 


10.27 - ItaloMADGIC at Saint Vitus

If you’ve ever dressed as Madonna for Halloween then this is the party for you. The ItaloMatic crew will be causing a commotion at Saint Vitus this Friday as they honor the queen of pop. The party will feature a live Madonna tribute performance by Void Toy performing all her hits alongside her `80s backup dancers. Plus resident DJs Andi, Facets, and Rok One will be helping dancers get into the groove with their mix of italo, synth, new wave, electro, and all that other `80s goodness. Big hair is recommended for this party.

10.27 - Zombies in Miami live at Good Room

With a name like Zombies in Miami, this duo was clearly made for Halloween. The project was created by Cani & Jenouise and despite the name they are not crawling around Miami, but came out of Mexico’s burgeoning electronic scene. Their sound encompasses many facets of the dance music spectrum featuring synth-driven house and rock techno with disco beat undertones and sweet italo drama. They’re bringing it all and more to Good Room this Friday for a live set at the FIXED party.


10.28 - Horse Meat Disco Halloween featuring DJ Harvey at Knockdown Center

If you died and went to gay heaven this weekend, you would ascend on the dancefloor at the Knockdown Center. A sea of leather-clad men and disco blaring from the speakers, what more could you ask for? Horse Meat Disco is taking over the 5000 person venue on Saturday night and besides the big guns on the dancefloor, they’ll bring the big guns to the booth - DJ Harvey and Musclecars. Expect to leave this party feeling all warm and gooey inside from the shimmering disco these three acts will bring to the party.


10.28 - Dope Jams Halloween Ball at Public Records

Halloween is New Year's on the Dope Jams calendar. It’s resident DJ Paul Nickerson’s favorite night of the year, ecstatic at the prospect of tossing aside any semblance of false reality and convening the freaks for a night of massive hedonistic proportions. He’s been throwing the Halloween Ball for the past 13 years, asking dancers to discard moderation, decency, and all fundamental norms of social acceptance and indulge in the bizarre ritual of dress and play, impulse and consumption. For the 14th edition, Paul will be decorating Public Records for maximum mental deterioration and take dancers on a six hour trip into the underworld.


Follow the links for mixes and playlists from the DJs and Musical Hosts who will be playing at these venues.

Stay Mellow and High friends - don't forget to have fun.

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